Land Survey

With a recent project that we are planning on creating within the Hardirans Wall grounds required us to get help from an environmental consultant. Danny from Adeptus provided us with our required phase 1 desktop study which revealed everything that we needed to consider in terms of affect on the land.

The guys at Adeptus provided us with a clear and comprehensive report of the potential effects on the piece of land that we were looking to use. They carried out the report in compliance with government guidelines to ensure suitability for submission when it comes to us submitting our planning applications.

The main point in carrying out a phase 1 report is to reduce potential work load in the future and rule out an unnecessary work. Each section in the report let us know where no further investigation was required. Where additional site investigate is suggested, the report provides valuable information that helps with cost effective phase 2 investigation if required.

Why we need a Phase 1 Desk Study Land Report

It is an environmental assessment that collates specific information that is required in order to determine whether land has the potential to cause environmental risk.

The report included the environmental setting of the surrounding land and ecosystems. It takes into account the expected geology, hydrogeology and the proximity to controlled sources of water. Next reports the flood risk, previous site history, any contaminant source that are potentially present near the site.

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