Fixing a Washing Machine Levelling Problem

Firstly, yes we do have a washing machine in one of our buildings as we require it for cleaning purposes. With that out the way as to why it is relevant for our blog and also the fact that no doubt others have had the same problem and will no doubt benefit from this post.

Vibrations and other annoying noises coming from your washing machine may result when an unlevelled washing machine reaches its peak spin speed. In some cases, you may experience extreme vibrations and rattling which in some older houses and buildings can feel like the structure is moving too! Manufacturers of washing machines typically include levelling feet on the bottom surface of the washing machine. Using a measuring level, the feet can be adjusted to ensure that a proper level is achieved which should eliminate extreme vibrations. The levelling method of your washing machine might vary to what we found on ours, but the principle is the same.

Here is a step by step checklist to follow

Try rocking the washing machine on a diagonal axis.


For further tips and advice contact the team at Appliance Repair Phoenix AZ who gave us advice when we reached out on social media. All the way from Phoenix Arizona, but none the less the washing machines tend to be the same (although they call them ‘washers’).

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