Guttering System

When it comes to the maintenance of our buildings, this is always a keen topic for discussion. As we need to consider carefully how to spend the money that is generated. Upkeep and maintenance is of course of great importance and as such we do spend a significant amount of time on this. One of the most recent jobs we needed to look at was that of the guttering systems of our buildings. All of the buildings are old and therefore the guttering is too. We wanted to consider a solution that would provide minimal ongoing maintenance yet be cost effective. Our choice is for Aluminium Guttering as this appears to provide the best all round option.

The aluminium guttering can be made to fit in well with the design of the building, is relatively light, durable and will last a significant amount of time with little to no maintenance required. The aluminium can handle all weather types – extremely useful for the United Kingdom’s climate. The aluminium is good when it comes to rain and snow as it can handle this without rusting. It is quite a unique metal as once it is exposed, aluminium doesn’t corrode with the weather, it actually oxidizes and forms into a more powerful barrier which prevents against corrosion. The aluminium guttering that we chose has a black finish and looks like iron. In our opinion it has been an affordable option that looks exactly like what we had and has little to no maintenance.

aluminium guttering black finish

aluminium guttering black finish

When it comes to improvements of our buildings and site, we take great care in the selection process and all the stages involved. We take everything into consideration from the materials used, the way the product will look, the maintenance involved, the costs involved, the environmental impact and so on. We believe every aspect has been accounted for and are open to any questions with regards to this latest spend on improving our buildings.

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